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A new Fanzine is here!

Dear month of June, outside the sun is shining and our flowers are growing.

Thank you, Pacha Mama for all the gifts that you give us.

veggies, growyourownfood
Our veggies. November harvest 2023

It is said, that a complete evaluation and understanding of the effects of a project can only start to be seen a few months after the conclusion of it.

From my experience, I agree it to be true.

Yesterday, I concluded the Initial Pedagogical Training of Trainers to acquire the CCP (Pedagogical Skills Certificate). I enjoyed it a lot. I had the opportunity to learn many things about pedagogy and andragogy which refers to methods and principles used in adult education.

I am analyzing and improving my performance as a guide and mentor.

During March and April 2024, I did an artistic residence called "See and feel through Drawing" at Art & Craft Refúgio2024 part of Largo Residências.

drawingactivity, painting

The project  "See and feel through Drawing" resulted on a final Fanzine reproduced as a coloring book. (For more information please check my previous post).^^

Through drawing and creativity, we communicate our collective being and who we are. With our hands we discover the world and use our energy to create.

Make art not war.

"We/Nós - A Coloring Book/ Livro para colorir" is a monochromatic fanzine ready to be painted by you.

has 40 pages.

fanzine, coloring book, drawings

Digital printed, with a colorful cover.

Size 14.8x21cm

Independ edition, Portugal, 2024.

 © Residências Refúgio & Dileydi Florez.

I was responsible for the graphic composition and the visual narrative.

The fanzine is available and you can buy it at the Art Shop of the new cultural and community center - Jardins do Bombarda, promoted by the cooperative Largo Residências, in partnership with ESTAMO, in an ecosystem of socio-cultural projects. If you are in Lisbon, I recommend to take a visit.

I'm happy with the result and already started to paint mine.

Hope you enjoyed and share with me/us your painted version.


At the end of April Nina Fraser invited me to her Collage Working Club to propose and oriented a 3hours Collage Masterclasses.

I proposed the activity "Drawing with a brush and scissors" which followed the work process developed during the last decade of the life of French painter Henri Matisse (1869-1954) which in order to continue painting he was forced to reinvent his creative process and started using only three materials – paper previously painted with gouache or other paints, and scissors.

Here's some pictures of the session:

During the workshop, all the participants (me included) had fun trying this technique as a way to play with colors and create colorful collage works.

I was so surprised with all the results that I came home wanting to do it more.

Following this process of cutting the paper previously painted, I did two new collages, called "Natural Compositions".

collage, naturalcomposition, colorfulwork
collage, naturalcomposition, colorfulwork
Natural Compositions 1 | Mixed technique on Fabriano vegan paper 300g | Size 17x22cm | Portugal, 2024. © Dileydi Florez.
collage, naturalcomposition, colorfulwork
Natural Compositions 2 | Mixed technique on Fabriano vegan paper 300g | Size 17x22cm | Portugal, 2024. © Dileydi Florez.

I can say that working with small details of cut paper it is a challenge technique that requires a lot of patience and manual dexterity.^^

If you like collage, give it a try.

Last but not least, my short comic "One day at the time" has been published at the issue number 72 of KUTI- The Finland comic magazine together with other great artists.

It is a beautiful colorful printed edition in Finnish with English translation.

and if you are curious you can check it here

comics, magazine, drawing

edibelgarden, sunflowers

Thank you for your time and attention.

Remember that you can support my Art by talking and sharing it with your friends and family.

You can also became a supporter of my Art by being a Patron.


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