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Thank you April. Welcome May.

During this two months (March and April) I had the opportunity to do a paid Artist Residence at Art & Craft Refúgio, part of the Cultural Association Largo Residências in Lisbon. (For more info. please check my previous post).

Synopsis of the activity/project with I applied to:

​“See and feel through drawing”

Taking drawing as a starting point – the line and the stain, the aim of this cycle of workshops is to train graphic expression, creative methodology and image making in different monochromatic techniques through short drawing exercises. In the second phase and after selecting the drawings previously created, we will design and create a fanzine/coloring book, which can be (re)produced and sold to the public.

This was my first artist residence and it consisted of 8 weekly drawing sessions of three hours each. Together with a diverse group of people from different cultures and backgrounds.

All the sessions happened in Portuguese and English at the same time, first at the Quartel Largo do Cabeço de Bola and after, at the new space of Largo Residências, Jardins do Bombarda - Centro Cultural e Comunitário (Jardins do Bombarda - Cultural and Community Center) at Rua Gomes Freire 161, Lisboa.

Here's an overview of the sessions through photographs (Photographs © Largo Residências 2024 and mine).

During these sessions we shared books, ideas, inspirations and references. We discussed the creative processes and the storytelling behind a book or an image. We did several drawing exercises, experimented with different materials, such as pen, pencil and brush. And since the first session, one of the objectives to be achieved was identified: creating a fanzine for coloring with the drawings done during this sessions.

Having such a different people from all ages reunited to draw and to think trough drawing was beautiful. We used our energy to create and our hands to discover the world.

I believe that inspiring others through Art and creativity, makes us better persons and makes a difference in changing the life of other people too.

Sharing my knowledge and guiding the creative process not only in the weekly sessions but also as an Art director, editor and Artist myself, was a great challenge and a trilling experience.

In addition to the work on the ground during the sessions with the group, which always varied in number of people, and in parallel, at my studio, where I assembled and scanned all the selected drawings (a total of 140 drawings), and little by little defined the narrative of the fanzine "We/Nós".

Initially, this part of assembling and materializing the fanzine was meant to be done during the April sessions together with the participants. However due to organizing each drawing session individually (but as a part of a whole) and some equipment limitations, the schedule and work was restructured and adapted.

I was responsible for the graphic composition of the book.

At the beginning, of every week session, I shared the process and discussed the work accomplished, with the participants and with Art & Craft Refúgio, Largo Residências.

And now we have a fanzine with 40 pages ready for you to read and coloring!

"We - A coloring Book" from Arts & Craft Refúgio, Largo Residências and Dileydi Florez.

The last session of ​ “See and feel through drawing” will have place on Saturday 27th of Abril,

as an Open Day Art & Craft Refúgio from 14h to 17h, at Jardins do Bombarda - Centro Cultural e Comunitário (Rua Gomes Freire 161), in Lisbon.

During this Open Day, we will present our little Book/fanzine "We - A coloring Book"/ "Nós - Livro para colorir" and we will do some short drawing exercises.^^

And everyone is invited to participated!

art activity

art activity

Come and join us!


Besides this project, I was able to finish a painting that I started in March 2023. "Líquens02" has arrived to this world.

original painting

"Líquens02" Original Painting

Hand painted with Mixed technique

on paper vegan Fabriano 300g

size 420x594mm/ 16.5x23.4inches.


original painting

"Líquens02" is inspired by the spring and is a celebration of the Nowruz, The Persian New year.

It is part of the Iceland series and makes a duo with the painting "Líquens".

original painting

 "Líquens" Original Painting

Hand painted with Mixed technique

 on paper vegan Fabriano 300g

size 420x594mm/ 16.5x23.4inches


original painting

Soon both paintings will be available at my online shop. You can also reserved them by send me an e-mail.

original painting

For now, there is available at my online shop a Limited edition of "Líquens01" as a Giclée - High quality print on paper 100% cotton 300gr ; Size A2 (420x594mm/16.5 × 23.4 in)

Limited edition of /30. Signed, stamped and numbered by the artist.

Each with 20mm of white border all around. 

You can Buy it here

giclée print

giclée print

«(...) Loneliness does not exist. it is a fiction of our heads. Lonely men perceive that there is someone in the water, in stone, in wind, in fire. There is someone on Earth.”  From the Book Dehumanization, Valter Hugo Mãe


Thank you for your time and attention.

Remember that you can support my Art by talking and sharing it with your friends and family. Also, you can became a supporter of my Art by being a Patron.


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