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Hello everyone! I want to tell you that you can find some of my paintings and illustrations in decor products such as posters, postcards, pillows, t-shirt, Clutches and more at DileydiFlorezToranja

They will bring color to your day and will inspired you ♡

One of my interests as a designer is interior design. I often think about how people choose colors, textures, patterns and materials to make a home livable and comfortable in the long term.

Creating a space for future activities, intended to be pleasant and comfortable, is a great challenge.

When we are decorating we need to think about the objects we take home and the space they will occupy (both aesthetically and volume); And how the light from the room(natural or/and artificial) will interact with our experience.

Decoration brings a lot of concepts to the top, like style, Aesthetic, composition, harmony, light, joy, balance and more. And to me, decorating is definitely an ongoing work. I am always learning something new xD.

P.s- Last month I did an online course in wondrium about interior design called Decorate like a Designer, with Jonathan Adler.

I really enjoyed and took a lot of tips to decorate my home.

Check the products at DileydiFlorezToranja

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