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Nódoa Negra


Chili Com Carne




Cover: Acrylic;
Comic: Graphite
on paper

Book Format:

16x23cm, 136pages, B&W, in Portuguese with English translation

Nódoa Negra is the first comic book anthology coordinated by women in Portugal.
Coordinator, Author, Design & cover: Dileydi Florez.
Back cover: Marta Monteiro
12 authors / 11 histories / 1 text / 136 pages
Portuguese/English | 2018

In our imaginary, pain belongs to the physical realm. As such, we always associate our body with a state of physical pain and we easily forget that there are several types of pain, among which emotional and psychological pain, that are as relevant as physical pain. So, wishing to tackle with the plasticity and different understandings of Pain as a theme, the twelve authors in this volume reflect on Pain through their gaze, drawing and writing.

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