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Askar, o General


Chili Com Carne




Black Ink with Nib & brush on paper

Book Format:

21x27cm, B&W, 32 pages in Portuguese

"Askar" comes from the askari word meaning "soldier" in the languages Arabic, Turkish, Somali, Persian and Swahili.
Askar, The General (Comic), published by Chili Com Carne, 2015, Portugal. Relates an episode in the life of Persian general Askar. This Comic was inspired by Persian miniatures and Japanese prints. Born as a prelude to the picture book - Askar, The General (unpublished).


- Work published as part of the contest "Toma lá 500 paus e faz uma BD" 2014, Chili Com Carne.
- Winner at the Visual Arts Award "Jovens Criadores 2015". Area: Illustration and comic, Pt.
- Winner at The Latin American Illustration, American Illustration-American Photography (AI-AP), 2015, US.
- Part of the 3x3 Illustration Annual, Student Show No. 12. 2015, US
- Drawings present in the Exhibition and in the Festival of Illustration of Setúbal catalog: "Ilustração Portuguesa", 2017, Pt.


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